Hotel Tritone

Green Philosophy

Our definition of hospitality? Low environmental impact and reduction in consumption, because we believe that sustainable hospitality is possible and we work every day to build it with you.

This is why we joined the Stay for The Planet project and, thanks to the innovative partnership with LifeGate, we are now able to monitor ours and your contribution to the improvement of key environmental indicators, from curbing CO2 emissions to optimizing energy consumption.


We believe that it’s the sum of the small actions we take everyday that make a difference, so we started with these:

  • In the room, guests are encouraged to notify the Hotel if they do not wish to have their towels changed daily
  • Ordinary lights are gradually replaced with energy-efficient LED light bulbs
  • Venice public transportation tickets are available for purchase at the Hotel
  • A dedicated corner with fresh locally grown products has been added to the breakfast buffet
  • Labeled recycling bins are available in common areas
  • Purchasing activities analysis and control to reduce waste
  • Water conservation awareness messages


We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors;
we borrow it from our children.