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And here is the enchantment of Venice!


What better way to travel to one of the most beautiful cities in the world than by train, which allows you to comfortably reach Venice in mere minutes…

We will be happy to recommend the most picturesque and, if you wish, lesser known itineraries, so that Venice is yours alone, or highlight the city’s quintessential festivities to let you experience the most intense emotions: losing yourself in St. Mark’s Square during Carnival, taking part in the celebrations of the Redentore Feast like true Venetians.

We will recommend the restaurants that serve traditional Venetian cuisine, the pit stops for the requisite Spritz, whether it’s the “cicchetterie” frequented by locals or the most exclusive cafes loved by Hemingway and Joyce.

And, depending on the duration of your visit, we will be happy to suggest not-to-be-missed exhibitions for all art enthusiasts, itineraries for gourmands and day trips for all seasons.

Events and Concerts

Venice Exhibitions

Tips for your stay in Venice

Spring Events

La Sensa - May 12th, 2024 Celebration of the union between city and sea in which traditionally the Doge (today he is the mayor) aboard the Bucintoro, which imitates the precious once double-decker boat, is blessed by the bishop and seals his marriage with the sea by throwing it into the water one hour ring. Vogalonga - May 19th, 2024 A non-competitive rowing race in which boats of all types and shapes can participate, which takes place on a Sunday in May or June. At least for a few hours, the water traffic of the numerous motor boats gives way to rowing boats...
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Summer Events

Redeemer - July 20th, 2024 It is celebrated on the third Sunday of July to celebrate the end of the plague. The skies and the lagoon of Venice are illuminated by a beautiful fireworks display which can be witnessed from the Riva degli Schiavoni, from Piazza San Marco or from one of the numerous boats adorned with lights that dot the entire canal. A votive bridge on boats was also built that connects the Zattere with the Giudecca island, where the Church of the Redentore is located. Venice Film Festival - 28th August - 7th September 2024 The Venice film exhibition takes place...
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Fall/Winter Events

Venice Marathon - 27th October 2024 The most important sporting event of the city is definitely the Venice Marathon, a 42 km marathon that starts from Stra, near Padua, continues along the Brenta Riviera and arrives in Venice in Riva dei Sette Martiri. Madonna della Salute Feast - 21st November It is celebrated on 21 November and commemorates the end of the plague of 1630-31 that struck Venice and northern Italy. On this occasion a temporary wooden bridge is built that crosses the Grand Canal to allow the procession of faithful to reach the Chiesa della Salute. Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Venice...
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