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And here is the enchantment of Venice!


What better way to travel to one of the most beautiful cities in the world than by train, which allows you to comfortably reach Venice in mere minutes…

We will be happy to recommend the most picturesque and, if you wish, lesser known itineraries, so that Venice is yours alone, or highlight the city’s quintessential festivities to let you experience the most intense emotions: losing yourself in St. Mark’s Square during Carnival, taking part in the celebrations of the Redentore Feast like true Venetians.

We will recommend the restaurants that serve traditional Venetian cuisine, the pit stops for the requisite Spritz, whether it’s the “cicchetterie” frequented by locals or the most exclusive cafes loved by Hemingway and Joyce.

And, depending on the duration of your visit, we will be happy to suggest not-to-be-missed exhibitions for all art enthusiasts, itineraries for gourmands and day trips for all seasons.


Its origins are ancient: the first evidence dates back to a document of Doge Vitale Falier of 1094, which speaks of public entertainment and in which the word Carnival was mentioned for the first time. The establishment of the Carnival by the Venetian oligarchy is generally attributed to the need of the Serenissima, like what has already happened in ancient Rome (see bread and circuses), to provide to the population, and especially the most humble walks of life, a period dedicated entirely to fun and festivities, during which the Venetians and foreigners poured across the city to party with music and...
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