Hotel Tritone

Spring Events

La Sensa – May 12th, 2024

Celebration of the union between city and sea in which traditionally the Doge (today he is the mayor) aboard the Bucintoro, which imitates the precious once double-decker boat, is blessed by the bishop and seals his marriage with the sea by throwing it into the water one hour ring.

Vogalonga – May 19th, 2024

A non-competitive rowing race in which boats of all types and shapes can participate, which takes place on a Sunday in May or June. At least for a few hours, the water traffic of the numerous motor boats gives way to rowing boats in a route that goes from the spectacular San Marco Basin, through the canals and the most picturesque islands of the northern lagoon, to then reach again Venice, up to the Punta della Dogana.

Venice Biennale – April 20th – November 24th 2024

International Art Exhibition founded in 1895, a splendid opportunity to admire masterpieces of Art, Cinema, Theater and Dance.

Boat Show – May 29th –  June 2nd 2024

The Venice Arsenal will open its doors to pleasure boating for the third edition of the Venice Boat Show, thus confirming itself as the most natural reference for the Eastern Mediterranean market, the one that insists on the long route that leads from Venice to Istanbul via the Croatia, Montenegro, Greece, Turkey ..