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Summer Events

Redeemer – July 20th, 2024

It is celebrated on the third Sunday of July to celebrate the end of the plague. The skies and the lagoon of Venice are illuminated by a beautiful fireworks display which can be witnessed from the Riva degli Schiavoni, from Piazza San Marco or from one of the numerous boats adorned with lights that dot the entire canal. A votive bridge on boats was also built that connects the Zattere with the Giudecca island, where the Church of the Redentore is located.

Venice Film Festival – 28th August – 7th September 2024

The Venice film exhibition takes place in the majestic Palazzo del Cinema del Lido and is the oldest in the world. The event is part of the Biennale and is held every year at the end of August. Founded by Giuseppe Volpi in 1932, the exhibition awards the best film, the best actor and the best actress.

Historical Regatta – 1st September 2024

It is a procession of boats led by gondoliers dressed in traditional costumes

The historic regatta is held on the Grand Canal and consists of a procession of boats led by gondoliers dressed in traditional costumes. The festival is held every year on the first Sunday of September and is an excellent opportunity to closely observe the famous “Venetian rowing”, a traditional Venetian sport in which the lagoon champions of oars compete against each other.